I understand the grave danger that the planet is in, and do my best to be environmentally responsible. All of the metal I use is either found and recycled by me, or (when possible) bought from vendors that sell recycled metals. I use every piece, or recycle it. I carefully consider streamlining and efficiency, and view time as a valuable resource along with gas and electricity. By this I mean, life is short. My time here is limited, and I do my best to treat my time, as well as the time of others as the precious gift that it is. I built my studio very intentionally to be well insulated from cold, so it doesn’t take too much energy to warm it. I use only environmentally safe chemicals in my processes, and dispose of them responsibly. I use recycled packaging and ship mostly through USPS, which cuts down on emissions since they go everywhere anyway. My sustainability practices aren't perfect, but as I grow, they will remain a priority.