Sick as hell!

I got my new earrings recently. I ordered the Brass Meso sized. I was torn between the Micro and Meso and ended up going for the bigger of the two. I LOVE them. I've been wearing them nonstop. I love how they look and I also can't wait for the patina to form. What a brilliant and beautiful idea. My earrings will be unique to me and the patina will be unique to me as well. I think my only complaint is that I didn't ALSO order the Micro to be able to switch them up. Oh well. Might just have to place a new order.

Build quality: 10/10

Idea: 10/10

Would I Recommend: 10/10

Juddah from Ontario, CA


My every day earrings!

I LOVE these earrings! They’re extremely well made and are so versatile I can wear them dressed up or down. The shield style gives me a feeling of protection from any negative energy I may encounter throughout my day. I also enjoy knowing what care and craftsmanship goes into each and every piece made by such a talented artist.

Beth from Michigan


Silver bar necklace

Maleeha goes out of her way to make unique pieces that you couldn’t find anywhere else. I know she puts a lot of love and time into each piece she makes. I’ve had my silver bar necklace for about 6 months now and not one bit of rust/tarnish has appeared. The price is 100% fair with the quality of jewelry.

Emily from Michigan



I’ve gotten so many compliments on this ring! Not only does this ring go with everything, but it’s sturdy enough to wear every day. I LOVE that the patina that develops makes my ring a one-of-a-kind!

Ashley from Michigan